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Salt Echidna MFA Authentication Services

Echidna is an enterprise grade authentication server, which has been developed to support high availability, high volume and high assurance user authentication applications in banks, government departments and enterprises, globally.

Echidna has been designed to integrate with and extend existing firewalls and perimeter solutions to provide a simple to manage and deploy two-factor user authentication (2FA) solution.

Echidna is suitable for any organisation that has a need to provide an additional level of user authentication through utilising a two-factor mechanism, be that a mobile or hardware security token.

Echidna supports a seamless migration from exiting 2FA solutions, which allows an organisation to easily migrate from ageing and expensive token solutions whilst protecting their investment during the transition stage.

Echidna provides a solution that allows an organisation to adopt new authentication mechanisms as they emerge, without expensive retrofit or system remediation.

Echidna provides a flexible unified 2FA user authentication service available via RADIUS and web service protocols. It also makes available transaction and document signing mechanisms via web services for applications needing to directly integrate at a more granular level.

Echidna interfaces to a range of Identity and Access Management (IDAM) infrastructures and to general-purpose access gateways through either web services or RADIUS to provide user authentication services

Echidna supports a comprehensive range of authentication standards and mechanisms and device form factors from a range of vendors, including OATH.